The Golden Retail Season; Christmas Retail Blog Series. All Chapters.

December is upon us again, the goldmine quarter for retailers, and often the difference between a good year and a great year. This summary comes as the introduction to a 6 part retail chapter series, that will explore how, where and what consumers will spend this Christmas.

It’s that time again, Christmas. Most of us will be baffled by where another year has gone, whereas retailers have been planning this moment, well, for the past 12 months!

This is the goldmine quarter for retailers, a period that is meticulously planned around. For retailers, the festive season can be the difference between a good year, and a great year; as long as people spend.

The rush of the festive period will undoubtedly remain as frantic as ever, but what has altered throughout past years is the nature of access that consumers have to purchasing channels. Here, shipping procedures have advanced from just being ‘home delivery’, to choosing by a particular day, and now even a specific hour.

It’s true to form then that the evolution of fulfilment services progressed further last Christmas, with greater use of click-and-collect. For 2015, retailers are increasingly offering guaranteed same day delivery if goods are ordered by a pre-defined time, providing greater certainty and efficiency.

An improving economy is allowing retailers to compete for greater consumer spend, particularly in comparison to the past two or three years. The shadow of the recession still looms at the forefront of consumer minds, and tighter spending habits remain. Therefore, price is still a primary ruler over convenience, with traditional retailers susceptible to challenges from opponents who discount heavily.

This summary comes as the introduction to a series of HSO retail related articles that will explore how, where and how much consumers are likely to spend this Christmas, how to develop the consumer experience and lessons for the future.

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Thanks for reading, Merry Christmas.

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