The future of retail is omni-channel

Today’s digitally empowered customers are in control of the retail relationship and crave exceptional shopping experiences which the multi-channel strategies of the past are failing to deliver. Omni-channel enables retailers to gain back control.

Adopting an omni-channel approach provides retailers with the means to deliver a seamless and consistent engagement experience across all channels from web, mobile and social to the physical store.

This makes a fundamental difference when it comes to building customer advocacy – you’re providing the consumer with the same level of service, however and whenever they choose to shop.

This retail infographic highlights why retailers need to become omni-channel focused, what the challenges are, and what the rewards are of doing so.

And with only 1/3 of retailers having made basic omni-channel services part of standard operations, such as click and collect, cross-channel inventory visibility, and store-based fulfilment - there is a significant opportunity.

View the infographic 'The future of retail is omni-channel'.

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