The ERP Buyers Guide

Introducing or upgrading an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is a significant investment for any business, but one that is crucial to continually achieving scalable growth and developing new sales channels.

To help ensure that when tendering for ERP you review only the solutions and providers that offer a strong functional fit, NetSuite has developed the ‘Buyers Guide to ERP Business Management Software’, and HSO has picked out and assessed some of the highlights:

Take a Step Back

Before diving into the sea of ERP solutions and providers, it is important to consider what your business requires from ERP. Is it inventory management, accounting, ecommerce or customer relationship management? Various ERP systems deliver different things, so it is worth picturing your ideal solution before investing time and resource into tendering.

The Cloud/On Premise Debate

With the widespread adoption of cloud, concerns over its usage have diminished, although there are still some reservations around hosting critical applications that house sensitive data such as an ERP system. If you are a business with a highly mobile workforce and multiple offices, hosted ERP will align well with your need to work remotely. HSO are advocates of hosted ERP as it reinforces one of the core ERP benefits: making informed decisions, fast. .

Out the Box or Open Source?

Some ERP systems are what is referred to as ‘open source’. This is a solution on which users can build and edit the source code, essentially allowing them to develop further applications that are integrated with the original solution. This sounds like an obvious choice, having the ability to develop further software and with it capability. However, without the skills to implement these complex changes correctly, the ERP system’s efficiency could falter. To avoid this, while gaining the capability your business needs, HSO advise using ERP that is aligned to specific verticals such as our Dynamics Fashion for AX; Retail ERP built upon the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform.

At HSO, we relish the prospect of being challenged by prospective customers; it helps us devise the solution and service they require to optimise their usage of ERP. With over 25 years of Microsoft ERP deployments, our consultants have the comprehensive solution knowledge to aid your purchase of ERP.

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