The Changing Role of the IT Department: Goodbye Maintaining, Hello Transforming

For some time, IT Departments have felt a degree of threat. The introduction of a cloud platforms, or Software as a Service partnership could deem their role in the business redundant. With cloud platforms helping businesses to save significant sums on hardware and licensing, IT Departments are also seeing their budgets reduced.

It’s not necessarily all technology expenditure that is being reduced, just through the traditional hardware/software channel. The money pulled is still being invested into technology, but more commonly into other areas such as ERP and CRM systems as opposed to simply ‘keeping the lights on’.

The role of IT is changing; we are witnessing a move from maintaining IT systems, to enabling the hallowed ‘Digital Transformation’ that businesses are striving for. Although it has the feeling a of a buzzword, the substance beyond the style of ‘Digital Transformation’ is real, providing significant value to businesses, predominantly through the development of new, online services and enhanced customer experiences. With the substantial appetite for online as a regular purchasing channel, Digital Transformation is a must for businesses. This has seen the IT department coming to the forefront of new business development, helping organisations to on-board new sales channels and revenue opportunities. IT is being tasked with the configuration of these critical developments.

IT is becoming more integrated alongside other disciplines, a key trend identified towards future business success. With various solutions being used across businesses by multiple users, such as ERP for Operations, and CRM for Sales and Marketing, it is clear that IT should work closely with these departments to understand their day to day challenges, and match with relevant solutions. Furthermore with the understanding of technical architecture and infrastructural challenges, IT can help the wider business roadmap the path to adoption and realise the required time and investment to reach the end goal. 

The importance of the IT department isn’t diminishing; it’s becoming more influential.   

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