The Big Secret to Painless Data Migration

The world is a dynamic place. Businesses change, companies merge, and technologies shift while applications come and go. Change is constant, so the ability to manage change is always in demand.

Change is inevitable in all areas of life, and in business it is no different when it comes to ERP systems; what with updates from software vendors and upgrades to existing technology, or even switching out the whole system for something else.

In many cases with ERP we are referring to the data, how data relates to the business and how the users make the data work. Obviously there are different types of data and these all have a different value to the business.

With regards to ERP data there are two different types: master data and transactional data.


  • Master data covers all of the business functions and includes information about a person, entity etc...
  • Transactional data includes information about quantities shipped, amounts invoiced etc. This can easily add up to millions of records.

As far as a data migration strategy is concerned, we need to make this as simple as possible and one way to do this is to use a data warehouse.

It is a process with a few steps:

Step 1. Extract the data

Data extraction involves pulling data out of legacy systems. With an appropriate extract, transform, load (ETL) tool, this entire process is automated and can be done in one sitting.

Step 2: Cleanse the data

The traditional way of cleansing data involves multiple manual processes. Extreme cost and time savings can be realised with a programmatic approach.

Step 3: Load the data into the new system

Avoid the laborious and error prone data loading process by using a data warehouse to hold data for reporting.

In summary, data migration projects aren’t often seen as a valuable exercise when upgrading or replacing an ERP system. By using ETL and a data warehouse you can reduce time, expense and get around potential issues within the organisation.

Choose well and this can change what might seem as a chore into a value-add project and something which is beneficial to your business.

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