Servitisation whitepaper 1: How manufacturers can put the customer first

The world in which manufacturers operate is always evolving - and changes happen quickly. Before you know it, you are lagging behind the competition and having to take major steps to catch up. How can you avoid this?

A servitisation strategy is vital for production

Manufacturers must make a mental shift in their approach to service. Today, service is not a cost, but an opportunity. There is simply too much competition around to risk alienating customers. A shift has occurred from reactive (maintenance and repair) to proactive service (consultancy, transport and outsourcing). A servitisation strategy ensures a stable revenue stream because profits are made through service contracts on all products sold.

What manufacturers need to consider when introducing a servitisation strategy is that it’s not just adding some form of service; it is a strategic change to the entire organisation. In short, it is transforming the business from a product supplier to a total solution provider.

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