Security will accelerate cloud adoption in 2016

Improving resilience and sophistication in security systems will remain a top motivation in 2016 for businesses migrating to the cloud. A 500 population survey conducted by Vanson Bourne discovered that among UK IT and business decision-makers, security is a primary concern for 38% of those asked.

This was behind reducing IT costs (61%), and steadying system resilience and disaster recovery (50%). What’s not new is the nature of these considerations, but what is changing is the view that 2016 might represent the year when cloud adoption truly explodes.

The research was released by RackSpace, and chief security officer Brian Kelly had this to say, “Cloud has long been associated with a loss of control over information, but more and more businesses now realise this is a misconception. Organisations are increasingly seeing the cloud as a means of keeping their systems and information safe, and in the year ahead, security will be an accelerator, not an inhibitor, of cloud adoption.”

This transition is being influenced by the notion that security requirements are becoming increasingly easier to navigate. Just 20% of participants said they encountered a hurdle while satisfying security and privacy obligations, and that arranging professional advice lessened the issue of seeing a problem from 26% to 17%. Despite these reassuring figures, almost half (48%) of businesses are intimidated by fears around meeting security requirements. An equal 39% communicated worries about the cost of migration, and the loss of control to a third party provider.

Kelly added, “Many businesses do not have the expertise or budgets to combat a growing number of sophisticated cyber-attacks in-house, but using the cloud – with the support of a team that is able to dedicate a large number of resources to security – will help to keep data safe at a fraction of the cost.” 

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