Securing the Loyalty of Omnichannel Customers

Delivering an omnichannel strategy means creating a brand relevant and seamless customer experience across all purchasing methods, which has been commercially optimised to improve business performance.

Technology has significantly changed the ways in which consumers shop, giving them the ability to choose where, when and how they interact with a brand.

Their expectations are high and they want the retailer to deliver a relevant and seamless experience between channels.

Delivering on an omnichannel strategy will make it easier for customers to do business with a retailer wherever they are and however they want to interact, as it connects all of the mechanisms of engagement.

5 key expectations of omnichannel customers:

  1. Mobile experience matters

  2. Content creates value

  3. Help them to share and connect

  4. Be consistent and add value

  5. Use the data you have for them

Retailers are having to employ a more holistic data strategy in order to influence customer behaviour across each channel of engagement.

Behaviour in social channels in particular should be connected to transactional shopper data and loyalty initiatives.

>> Download the full omnichannel whitepaper by ICLP here

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