Revolutionise your retail businesses with cloud-based ERP

In today’s reactive, consumer-driven environment, lean ERP solutions serve not only to harmonise business functions but also to leverage growth through adaptive capabilities. To win, you must be ready, and you must be fast. It’s lucky therefore that gone are the days of the heavy, unresponsive system, with modern business management solutions evolving to provide a thorough, nimble answer.

Connectivity a cornerstone in modern business management systems

To cope with the ever-increasing pressures of connectivity, retailers are gradually shifting to management systems that streamline operations. Many separate programmes make for a slow reaction to industry trends and demand fluctuations. One centralised answer that communicates internally and lifts the strain of operational infrastructure pressures has arisen from new customer service expectations and globally expanding companies.

Conventionally,  implementing a system such as this resulted in a large, rigid arrangement, inflexible to industry and demand alterations. The solutions, often serving companies with huge infrastructures, required considerable human interaction and relied on manual correction when they were not acting as they should be. Arranging someone to fix the problem resulted in both lost time and money.

Revolutionary, centrally controllable ERP

Now operations have been revolutionised by cloud-based, integrated systems. No longer will retailers have to make an instinctive decision between flexibility and robustness. Instead they can have it all in a responsive, lightweight answer. Heavyweight and sluggish systems find it extremely hard to move with industry developments. Electronic point of sale (EPoS) in particular is increasingly becoming the ‘done thing’. As more and more retailers adopt this new mobile PoS approach, the need for flexibility within a system becomes far more apparent.

Cloud-based retail success

It’s easy to see why cloud-based options that harmonise the work of many departments are soaring in popularity. Why have a sluggish and slow to react system when you can have an automated, responsive one that manages multiple areas; a system that has the ability to connect devices internally and externally through one central network. The onsite solution has been outgrown; it’s been superseded by a platform where remote connection and data accessibility is possible through a number of devices. Cloud-based IT suits today’s environment perfectly.

Remote accessibility, not limited by location

Remote connection is quickly increasing the speed and alertness of new PoS devices within the network. When you can oversee production, logistics, distribution, stock levels and demand in one place, it makes for an achievable level of customer service that is unparalleled by anything that has gone before.

In order to ensure devices run at maximum capacity, updates from within the system can be applied throughout the complete network. International slowness is minimised as data travels from warehouses, production plants, and is all stored in a matter of seconds. All this requires a minimum level of human interaction, without the need for technical experts when things go wrong. Good, right, especially if you’re a retailer in a remote location where arranging a visit can be tricky.

Empower your business

The progression of technology is proving exceptional; the ability to centrally manage numerous business departments would have been a dream ten or twenty years ago. Companies are now able to find a system that is holistic in business operations, and responsive to international industry impacts. A suitable cloud-based system allows retailers to be more agile, responsive, and quicker than ever before, with accurate data guiding behavioural changes. Critically, a system of this nature will grow with your business, so you will not leave it behind as with those of yesteryear. It empowers retailers to soar forward and surpass even the most difficult of customer expectations.

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