Retail Revolution: Digital Transformation

The digital transformation is now in full flow and retailers need to perpetually address their operational processes and supply chains just to keep within touching distance of the competition.

If your organisation wants to get ahead, now is the time to stop sitting on the fence and embrace digitisation! 

In this brave new world of retail on the digital landscape, business owners are searching for ways to optimise their visibility and integrate the physical, online and warehouse experiences into one smooth customer journey. 

Although there’s some way to go here until a completely harmonised customer experience is achieved, organisations that were early-adopters of new technology are already discovering innovative ways to combine purchasing, inventory checks and delivery into one simple experience. 

It’s obvious that those not investing now will very quickly find themselves up against some difficult challenges in the near future.

Digital Transformation: Retail 

Gavriella Schuster, Microsoft Corporate VP Worldwide Partner Group, recently spoke in more detail on how the retail vertical is constantly changing and the concept of the customer experience has been completely revolutionised.

The article features a number of inspirational retail partner stories and can be read now at: Retail Revolution: Inside the Digital Transformation of Retail.

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