Power BI and Dynamics 365

Microsoft Power BI has many features and services embedded, that offer users the ability to access, explore and gain insight from their captured Dynamics 365 for Operations data.

Power BI in itself, is a variety of tools that securely digests and presents key business data from a collection of sources, both on premise and in the cloud.

Integrating Power BI

Alongside Dynamics 365, Power BI is able to turn data insight into visualisations, dashboards and self-service reports, that give you accurate, real-time readings of your critical business statistics.

The simplicity of connection between Power BI, integrated into Dynamics 365, can be seen in this diagram.

Dynamics 365 Reporting

Able to integrate with other popular Microsoft authoring tools such as Excel and the Power BI Desktop, Dynamics 365 reporting is publishable on PowerBI.com, and viewable across mobile devices for heightened levels of collaboration and visibility. 

These dashboard outputs are translatable into interactive visuals that closely portray the efficiencies of your business processes.

See Power BI in more depth now by watching this video.


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