Positive Prospects for Social Selling

HSO research has uncovered a willingness to consider payments over social media maps, alongside a shift in how consumers view engagement with retailers. Rather than using social channels to make complaints, or share feedback about customer experience, as has traditionally been the case, users are increasingly looking to it for product offers.

Commercial Social Channels

41% of our respondents said they used social media to engage with retailers to look for discounts and promotions, against 29% who said they used it to make service and product complaints.

This represents a shift in the way that consumers view engagement over social media sites. They’ve always been a forum for debate, of course. And that will continue, but increasingly users are looking at social media in a more commercial context. Initially, that was more about discussing potential purchases. In the future, social sites will become portals for purchasing transactions too, which represents a great opportunity for retailers. ERP will continue to act as the platform for this innovative kind of future approach.

Future proof with ERP technology

With ERP solutions increasingly implemented, retailers can now put in place the functionality they need to drive retail sales across multiple channels; provide greater business insight; exceed customer expectations; build customer loyalty and reduce time to ROI.

Such is the rate of change in retail, retailers are clearly crying out for a solution that can not only meet their existing challenges but that also has the flexibility, scalability and versatility to meet those they are to face tomorrow. ERP is effectively a future-proofed technology that can integrate varied organisational processes across the retail space to drive operational efficiencies and enable retailers to achieve a full 360° view of customers and their activities.

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