On the road again at the Oil & Gas UK Roadshow

On the road again…at the Oil & Gas UK Roadshow

On the road again…at the Oil & Gas UK Roadshow

On the 22nd November, I attended the Oil & Gas UK Roadshow in association with GDF Suez, E&P and EEGR (East of England Energy Group). Listening to some great speakers from the Oil & Gas industry such as Malcolm Webb (CEO Oil & Gas UK), Keith Murphy (GDF Suez) and Simon Gray (CEO of EEEGR) sharing some industry insights as to what is happening at the moment and the growth potential for the Oil & Gas industry.

<figure>Sharing the wealth of Oil & Gas industry knowledge</figure>

Malcolm Webb spoke about how Oil & Gas UK work with and lobby with government providing expert advice and evidence. Also, how the organisation continues to provide advocacy and training and networking opportunities through hosting events across the industry. He spoke about the importance of research and analysis and of being able to share industry guidelines and information by providing access to industry indicators.

Driving the UK economy
Some powerful insights for the broader economy in that the UK offshore Oil & Gas industry is one of the largest industrial investors providing £40 billion in support to the UK balance of trade and enabling 450,000 jobs leading to £7 billion in exports per annum. The UK is positioned as a global leader in subsea with its supply chain being a centre of excellence. Fair to say this is probably Britain’s best kept industrial secret!

Increasing production efficiency
It was interesting to hear from Malcolm, the importance of the Southern North Sea today and into the future. The Southern North see currently provides 43% of the UK’s gas production and how this project has increased its production efficiency and at the same time lowering it OPEX. With huge supply forecasted, which will deliver up to 5% of UK future annual gas requirements. It was interesting to hear first-hand how integrated ERP and maintenance systems are seen as core to maximising operational effectiveness.

Managing resource lifecycle
Ensuring organisations are able to have a single flow of information will lead to better deployment of resources, saving costs. He highlighted the importance of effective preventative and pre-planned maintenance and also highlighting career lifecycle management of rare resources. Support of multiple disciplines in a single environment is a key differentiator for Oil & Gas UK.

Continued Oil & Gas investment
Looking to the future and some challenges investors are facing in the Oil & Gas industry are things such as skills shortage, cost and complexity and of course maintaining production efficiency whilst tackling oil and gas energy rebates and tax policies. Interestingly enough, these are the areas where the effective deployment of ERP systems can make a significant difference.

Controlling production inefficiencies with ERP
It is heartening to reflect that at HSO we understand the challenges business in this sector are facing today. We understand the difficulties in transforming businesses to become more effective. We understand the pressure that companies are facing to increase wrench time. We understand that it is more often poor back office planning than frontline issues that lead to project/production inefficiencies.

At HSO it is our goal, and our obligation to the Oil & Gas sector, to help UK businesses respond faster and to maximise resource recovery by improving operational efficiency, effectiveness and profitability. Our goal is to enable better planning across the breadth of the organisation and to help businesses in this sector support their multi-disciplinary processes from a single line of business system.

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