On-premises Dynamics 365 for Operations has arrived

Microsoft has unveiled plans to extend implementation opportunities for Dynamics 365 for Operations. The solution will now be available for organisations running non-cloud based, partner hosted solutions, in addition to the public cloud offering already in market. The announcement was released in a Microsoft blog that said:

“Some organizations simply are not ready to store their company's mission critical data in the cloud. This requirement, in many cases, is due to industry regulations, country or geographic cloud adoption, recent data center investments, or an organization's enterprise standards. For these customers, we are excited to announce a new deployment option that will not require their business data to be stored in the cloud."

Dynamics 365 for Ops

This new approach by Microsoft will allow users to deactivate the cloud connection, in order to ensure their system remains in a local or partner hosted data centre.

However, choosing this option will introduce certain boundaries in comparison to the cloud-based alternative. Users will not be able to make best use of the ERP and Azure enhancements that have been advanced for Dynamics 365. Power BI for instance, and other business process intelligence elements will be lost - along with Azure Machine Learning services. 

If operators were to decide they would like to make best use out of the smart features in the future, they could simply reinstate the cloud connection.

Upgrading to public cloud

Both new and existing customers will be able to benefit from the complete range of deployment inclusions, from cloud to the “cloud+ edge” local feature. Moving forward there will be upgrade abilities for local users who choose to transition their cloud subscription to a public Dynamics 365 for Operations initiative. 

Microsoft are set to reveal further news on the deployment at the Technical Conference, starting March 12th.

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