Omni channel Merchandising Infographic

Smart retailers adept in customer engagement are opening doors that retailers with slower evolution are finding locked, as a result of multi-channel capability deployment. Here, did you know that 36% of shoppers would order out-of-stock via their mobile phones while in-store if they had the option? With just 2 in 10 retailers believing they have complete channel integration, there is some catching up to be done by the rest.

All stats from linked Infographic.

Omni-channel retailing

It’s no secret that habitual buying tendencies are progressing, particularly amongst the generations of Y and now Z. There is ample information out there about this, however ultimately it’s down the retailers to take stock and manoeuvre themselves into a strategy capable of succeeding in a new retail landscape.

This Infographic by RIS News explores a number of these very trends, for instance that 32% of shoppers say that the second biggest improvement needed in the shopping experience is to enable all three channels, being in-store, online and mobile.

Read the Infographic for yourself, here.

Microsoft Dynamics for retail

Alternatively, explore our Microsoft Dynamics for retail solutions. The needs of the modern consumer demands business processes and systems that are seamless, fast, flexible and 100% customer orientated. With Microsoft Dynamics, that’s exactly what you get.

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