Microsoft to introduce AI-powered features to Dynamics 365

Microsoft’s used this year’s Ignite conference in Atlanta to highlight its intentions to engineer increased intelligence within its tool and platforms. With companies worldwide increasingly capturing with more and more data, Microsoft consider it fundamental that the tools being used to interact with this data become smarter.

On the one hand this involves better analytics to empower employee productivity, on the other deploying machine learning capabilities to offerings such as Dynamics 365

AI and Dynamics 365

During a small press event that took place before the conference had begun, Microsoft representatives were keen to stress that in its eyes, artificial intelligence (AI) will not replace humans, but instead empower them.

Dynamics 365 will benefit from AI abilities such as the highlighting of actionable data, helping sales teams to unearth the next best moves in closing opportunities. It’s clear Microsoft feel that when its cloud platform is merged with its machine learning capabilities, it will help to advance solutions beyond competing rivals. 

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