Microsoft launches Dynamics 365

Interesting news from the annual Microsoft Partner Conference, held this year in Toronto, Canada. What we have already known for some time and have been enthusiastically waiting to share with you: Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, went into great detail about the new possibilities. With Dynamics 365, Microsoft evolves its CRM and ERP cloud solutions and promises the next steps of development of Dynamics business apps, based on the Microsoft Azure platform and the Office 365 cloud suite.Dynamics 365

Instead of large-scaled, expensive and long-lasting ERP and CRM projects, Nadella sees a future in which apps can be put to use quickly, easily and as sub-processes (see his blog).

The advantage is that you can start small, achieve quick results and you only have to pay for what you need.

Additionally, AppSource was announced, the marketplace where Microsoft and partners like HSO can launch apps. Examples of Dynamics 365 apps that will become available are apps for processes such as: finance, mobile field service, operational processes, project support and customer service. Besides the support of processes Microsoft promises to deliver support for specific roles.

The seamless integration between Dynamics 365 and Office 365 connects the structured workflow from business apps with unstructured tasks that are aimed towards collaboration and productivity. The apps are cloud-based and are available on mobile devices (offline), with which innovations such as Cortana Intelligence, Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow are used.

Machine learning and IoT possibilities

Sales team members can take advantage of the machine learning possibilities of Cortana Intelligence to make cross-sell recommendations that help sales people predict which products and services the customer needs. Access to the Internet of Things (IoT) information in Dynamics 365 for Field Service makes it possible for service team members to react immediately if any irregularities occur.

Thanks to the fact that a common data model is used you can work completely within Outlook (for example), which is built on the concept of project Madeira. A sales team member, for example, can access information directly from the finance and sales app from Dynamics while creating an email for information such as price changes without ever leaving Outlook.

HSO ConnectedWork workplace concept

With the announcement of Dynamics 365 the idea of a new workplace concept in which business and personal applications can be combined within one environment is possible.

HSO is releasing this onto the market under the name, ConnectedWork, with this solution HSO offers the possibility to add personal and custom-made (legacy) applications to a browser based workplace together with Office and Dynamics.

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