Microsoft Dynamics AX; if you don’t love ERP, you soon will.

Last week, Microsoft released the new Microsoft Dynamics AX, and in doing so reached one of its greatest milestones in the AX story so far.

The New Dynamics AX

Unlike past versions, in the new Dynamics AX sits an ERP system that users genuinely enjoy using. Rigid, complex and slow enterprise solutions are now outclassed by the fast, agile nature of new technology, leaving organisations to drive growth and long-term productivity.

Built on Azure, this cloud ERP solution provides a revolutionary customer experience and user interface; one that people love to use. Its supreme analytical capabilities permit organisations to make swift, informed decisions, on scalable and global levels. 

User-focused ERP

Through worldwide testing and a highly user-driven focus, Microsoft has achieved a ground-breaking end-to-end business result. However, according to IT leaders, this just scratches the surface of what is  in store. With the ability to develop at cloud speeds, Microsoft is devoted to translating this into seamless user experiences inside their Dynamics packages. 

To revisit the global virtual launch of the new Dynamics AX, follow Or read about it here with HSO, an experienced and leading provider of Microsoft Dynamics technology.

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