Marketing to a consumer of one

If a shop assistant knew that a customer had spent five minutes on a webpage looking at a particular item that the store had in stock, it may change the way they approached them. In the current and future retail landscape, this kind of information is crucial when it comes to delivering the right message and capturing the sale.

To achieve this, retailers need to be able to record all customer interactions across all channels. Yet very few are actually doing this.

In his article, Marketing to a consumer of one – how can organisations meet the new retail imperative? Richard Salters from HSO looks at how CRM and ERP systems are helping retailers meet this challenge and change the way they engage with their customers.

Offering personalised retail experiences

Consumers increasingly expect a personalised service, whatever communication channel they use and if they don’t get this, they’ll go to a retailer who does offer it. Therefore, personalisation is the goal for many retailers, and increasingly they’re turning to ERP systems to help them achieve their objectives.

ERP systems can capture every interaction and be used to store key transactional information. In addition to this, retailers can use CRM solutions to gather all customer information, including social, into one central repository.

According to recent research from Verdict Retail, in 2020 online will account for 17.1% of total retail sales – up from 13.8% in 2015. With online growth in retail set to continue to outpace retail growth, these kinds of technologies are now vital if a retailer is to enjoy continued growth.

Together, CRM and ERP solutions can form the technological foundation that a retailer needs if they are to personalise their offerings to each individual customer’s personal likes and behaviours.

HSO is an expert in Microsoft Dynamics AX, a comprehensive ERP solution that enables retailers to work effectively, manage change, and compete globally. For more information about us, follow us on Twitter at @HSO_UK.

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