Manufacturing Transformation: Achieving competitive advantage in a changing global marketplace

Throughout the world, manufacturers are striving to undergo technological transformation. In order to remain relevant, competitive and in touch with industry shifts, companies are discovering avenues to new growth, change, and opportunity.

In this research paper, Oxford Economics and PTC surveyed 300 global executives to analyse the ramifications of these changes for manufacturers.

“The survey shows that competitiveness hinges on transformation to respond to market shifts and technology trends. The goal is not only to “make better things”—creating products and services that meet customer needs and are truly innovative and distinct—but also to “make things better,” facilitating the engineering, service planning and execution, management and production processes through which innovation can evolve from conception to retirement, and creating a closed feedback loop to ensure continual improvement and alignment across the business."

A new manufacturing mindset

Read the whitepaper now to explore the research conclusions. It will help you to develop a new manufacturing mindset and understand why manufacturers should be prioritising the following:

  • Mapping of market trends
  • Assessing the coordination of strategy and planning
  • Measuring progression toward a service-centric business model
  • Understanding routes to innovation

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