Manufacturing and the New Dynamics AX: Connected devices, machine learning, advanced analytics.

‘Smart manufacturing’, is the term that recognises the rising levels of manufacturing proficiency made possible by the digital revolution. The new Dynamics AX is fast approaching, and inside it sits Microsoft’s answers to the questions posed by today’s manufacturers.

Microsoft Industry Director, Colin Masson, and Program Manager Mai-Britt Winther have spoken about how the new Dynamics AX will further manufacturing ERP capabilities; specifically by leveraging the full Microsoft cloud, automated machine learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Connect devices to management

A common blocker of Project Manager (PM) time is that spent on the manufacturing floor, not with the data that could unlock superior performance. The new Dynamics AX provides an advanced user interface that allows PMs to get closer to product, process and performance data. 

This connectivity allows for data-driven decisions through handheld and accessible devices. Critically, this lets PMs see what is going on across the production team and what action needs to be taken.

Smart operational management for flexible, capable productivity

Microsoft Dynamics AX lets manufacturers boost efficiency. Along with the ability to connect devices, the capacity to connect people is also made possible, which importantly empowers not only the PMs but personnel throughout the business.

To reach optimum production, manufacturers must be aware of and act on KPIs. With the encouraged intercommunication of the new Dynamics AX, companies can make near real-time decisions through a host of devices that access KPIs. The solution also provides monitoring and trending analytics prioritised by the manufacturer. This is where the new Dynamics AX actually enables the "the speed of business".

Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics are sweeping through numerous industries, able to achieve a host of preferential insights from predicting possible troubles to managing lifecycles and optimising inventory levels. 

The new Dynamics AX embeds smart analytics so that manufacturers can select various operational parameters to monitor. While the effort of identifying a data model may not be trivial, the payback is realised in the form of smart predictive analysis that identifies profitable opportunities.

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