Lotus Formula 1 gears up for racing with Microsoft Dynamics

Despite the fact that the British Grand Prix is over for this year, Lotus F1 is currently analysing as much data as it can to ensure its cars and its company are fast, efficient and cost-effective.

Since 2012 the Lotus team has been working with Microsoft to use Microsoft Dynamics Cloud and Collaboration tools, this is to ensure best performance possible for the cars.

Lotus uses Microsoft Dynamics AX for all of its business areas – including finance, expense, budgeting, purchasing, HR and payroll processes.

Lotus look at their F1 cars as an internet of things (IoT) device using big data, reason being there are sensors all over the car which provide data which can be combined with third-party data this can then be used to determine the outcome of the race before it has even started.

With their main goal being to win and keep winning, the way that they manage their data is extremely important to Lotus, therefore by switching from an old-fashioned clunky system to Dynamics AX, Lotus has been able to make sure that all of its data can be distributed to the correct people. They are therefore able to make informed decisions and track how much money is involved which is the key to their success.


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