Innovation in manufacturing

Since forever and a day the British manufacturing industry has been amongst the world’s elite. However, if it is to uphold this position, UK manufacturers must direct their focus towards using innovation to continue stealing a march on other countries.

Strengthening the UK economy

It’s common knowledge that UK manufacturing plays a significant role in the strength of our economy. It’s necessary therefore to promote an environment that encourages continuous innovation that inspires UK manufacturing to remain a dominant force.

In one way or another, all manufacturers innovate; what fluctuates is the nature of their business goals, and it must be the focus of operators to establish a competent measuring technique. Another challenge is to balance innovation with company size and capability. Innovations that are so complex they destabilise day-to-day operations are likely to unsettle performance levels.

Can innovation empower productivity?

Largely, the highest priorities in manufacturing organisations revolve around productivity, a connected supply chain, and responsiveness. A study by EEF (The Manufacturing Organisation) found that 45% of UK manufacturing respondents felt that innovation is likely to empower productivity, with 54% saying that innovation can harmonise their supply chain processes whilst also positively influencing exports. Furthermore, 51% suggested margin improvement as the most significant driver of innovation.

If you have one key takeaway from this read, make it that the link between manufacturing and innovation is innate. Innovation can be implemented in many ways, the critical aspect here is that it is implemented at all. Aligning technical know-how with experience and capability invites you to create innovation that aligns with your business objectives.

Your next steps?

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