HSO Introduces ConnectedWork & combines personal workstation with business apps

HSO has introduced a browser-based workstation that integrates into Microsoft and other enterprise applications. ConnectedWork allows users to operate in their own areas and all actions are then automatically reflected in the underlying systems. This makes them much more productive, all processes are fully managed and errors are minimised.

The fully personalised workspace based on Microsoft Office 365 amalgamates the daily activities of the user in one convenient area. ConnectedWork also allows users to add personal and other business applications alongside Microsoft Dynamics and Office applications. HSO is the first Dynamics partner this to have launched this concept.

Automated Routine Operations

HSO ConnectedWork is more than an on-line work station; it is place, time and device-independent. The added value is in automating repetitive activities and linking processes from underlying business applications. HSO ConnectedWork meets the growing customer demand for innovative workplace concepts.

Nicola Hannay, Head of Marketing at HSO: "The user wants to perform their job in as easy a way as possible, so there needs to be software available to make this possible. With HSO ConnectedWork, all user actions are directly updated in the underlying systems. Take for example a sales representative. Customer contact details are automatically in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, quotations are stored in the Document Management System (DMS) and orders are automatically applied to the ERP system. The user does not need to leave their ConnectedWork environment as the operations and associated processes automatically flow into the right systems. In addition, users of ConnectedWork benefit from the fact that they have just one business partner to contact for all business applications. 

"Marco Lieverloo, Business Solutions Lead at Microsoft: "A statement by our CEO Satya Nadella was that Microsoft is ‘a productivity and platform company’. HSO has taken this on board and created a unique cloud proposition, which hugely increases end-user productivity." To learn more about ConnectedWork please contact Nicola Hannay at nhannay@hso.com.

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