Hoppe Holdings AG

HOPPE is the market leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of hardware systems for doors and windows in Europe. Its core competency is the high-volume production of high quality hardware.

In 1952 Friedrich Hoppe founded in Heiligenhaus, near Dusseldorf - Germany's traditional centre of door locks and fittings - a company which produced door hardware. Two years later Friedrich Hoppe moved his company to Stadtallendorf near Marburg (Hesse), laying down the foundation for continued growth.

HOPPE designs, manufactures and markets hardware systems in aluminum, bronze, stainless steel, plastic and brass for doors and windows. As a volume manufacturer with a highly automated production system, HOPPE produces high quality, brand name products at an optimum price / benefit ratio for a broad range of consumer: residential culture need not be expensive!

With the aim of the being as self-sufficient and flexible as possible, almost everything is produced internally, except for the external procurement of raw materials and technical standard parts, so that a high level of quality is achieved. In addition, equipment and special machines have been specially designed and manufactured for Hoppeā€™s self-developed production techniques, which remain top secret and are an essential differentiation from the competition.

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