Half of UK manufacturers are doing it, are you?

Digital transformation. What does it really mean? And if you’re not already doing it, should you at least be thinking about it? The Manufacturer recently sat down with the head of events at Hennik to discuss the opportunities, barriers and misconceptions that are influencing the decision of many UK manufacturers to either take on or put off digital transformation.

Half are already doing it, are you?

Find your start point

Understand the areas where a Digital Transformation project will add value. And here, research is essential in uncovering the right path to developing an effective plan.

With data being hugely influential, you must establish whether the business already has a robust, connected IT infrastructure underpinning the manufacturing process, from which you can extract and use existing intelligence.

Barriers to digital transformation

Digital Transformation is often seen as a large intimidating process – associated with considerable business disruption; but it doesn’t have to be this way

Transformation encompasses incremental change and doesn’t need to be tackled in one destructive hit.

Rather, a gradual step by step progression will allow you to smooth out change and remain operationally effective.

‘Transform’ capabilities 

Customer’s attitudes in the way they want products made and delivered and serviced is changing, and Digital Transformation sits at the heart of evolving to alongside.

Operationally, the change will be notable throughout the supply-chain; from procuring materials, to product development, delivery and customer engagement

Addressing customer wants, needs and expectations lie at the centre of Digital Transformation and there’s nothing more important than that.

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