Drapers & Retail Week 2016 Personalisation Report

Drapers and Retail Week have collaborated in research to release a 2016 Personalisation Report that highlights how retailers are embracing the concept of personalisation to drive sales and loyalty.

Personalisation in retail

Consumers are progressively asking for more personalised approaches to their online and in store shopping experiences. According to the report, a mammoth 92% of retail executives recognise that this is the case; that’s a rise on the 81% of last year, which emphasises the burgeoning demand for a more tailored approach from retailers.

What personalisation means to retailers

The report takes a look at:

  • Personalisation today: What personalisation means to retailers today and how they are currently achieving it.
  • Implementing personalisation: Retail executives comment on how best to implement a successful personalisation strategy.
  • Barriers to success: Personalisation might be key, but barriers still exist. Find out what they are.
  • Future gazing: Personalisation strategies will have to adapt in line with changing shopping habits.

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