Data Quality Challenges at the Border of Your Business – CRM.

Customer Relationship Management or CRM as we know it, sets out to achieve a panoramic viewing of consumers. With no data however, this wide angle viewing of customer’s becomes unattainable, as a result of CRM’s reliant nature on the data that sits within it.

As necessary as data is for CRM however, there is no strainer in place to assure that the data entered into CRM is reliable, true and usable; this poses a challenge to the modern day CRM solution.

A 2015 white paper from Trillium Software titled ‘Data Quality Challenges at the Border of Your Business’, uncovers how clean data can address difficulties that arise from modern day CRM. They explore the smartness of investing into data quality to achieve an optimised CRM solution, and suggest that failure to execute this will likely end in a system that is “performance and profit foolish”.

Highlights of the paper include:

·         The data challenges of CRM

·         Web communications

·         Marketing automation

·         Customer analytics and personalisation

·         Enrich data with social media

·         Urgency and flexibility within CRM

Download ‘Data Quality Challenges at the Border of Your Business – CRM’ here. Additionally, visit for further CRM information.




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