Cloud options for the New Microsoft Dynamics AX

With the technological revolution, many of today’s go-to ERP and CRM solutions have shifted into the realm of cloud ready. This move has allowed businesses to focus on finding strategic advantage rather than just curing their IT and infrastructure headaches. Indeed, many who enter the market for such solutions now only consider those equipped for the cloud.

Not all software is instantly cloud ready, however, which can make for a slow transition or avoidance of migration entirely. Luckily, there are pain-free ways to reach the cloud, particularly if you are a Microsoft Dynamics AX customer or happen to be interested in the new Azure-based Dynamics AX. 

The Azure Effect

The release of the New Dynamics AX means the primary choice remains between on-premise and cloud while as a secondary option you can choose between public (Azure) or private deployment. 

To outline, public cloud is valuable for those who will rarely require elasticity, trusting a largely standardised approach to finding the efficiencies they need. Oppositely, private clouds satisfy those who seek full control with options to customise, adapt and modify. Private cloud facilitates those add-on features you specifically need. 

The New Dynamics AX Landscape

If you’re currently devoted to an existing Dynamics AX approach, you will benefit from exploring a private cloud route. The good news here is that with the assistance of a seasoned cloud provider, you can effectively ‘cloudify’ your current arrangement.  

With the use of virtualisation, Microsoft Dynamics AX can be installed on pre-created cloud servers. Once activated, these servers operate in a manner identical to how an on-premise procedure would. Typically, Dynamics AX necessitates 3-4 servers.

Whether you’re prepared or not, cloud is here to stay. Get ahead and become familiar with the different types of cloud, and acquaint yourself with what you can expect from an experienced provider. Understanding cloud models and cloud fit is crucial to discovering which applications will be the best for you.

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