Can software contribute to the global reigniting of UK Manufacturing?

Due to advances in software, UK manufacturers have more opportunity than ever to compete on a global scale despite a slowdown in 2015.

The slump in oil prices has been cited for the decline in manufacturing demand over the course of 2015 and the Manufacturing Sector in the UK has seen half the growth in comparison to that of the last year.

The normal response to this is to increase productivity, so lowering input costs and therefore reducing production costs.

This shouldn't necessarily be seen in a negative light, as the manufacturing sector is experiencing a greater level of opportunity to differentiate and compete on a global scale. There is no need to rely solely on traditional pursuits of productivity, innovation and process, therefore we can do more outside the traditional productivity cost-reduction cycle to boost manufacturing in the UK.

Where cost might have been a factor in the past to stop manufacturing firms using cutting edge tools and technology, these are now available to even the smallest manufacturing organisation.

Thinking outside of the box

These businesses need to think outside of just design, and connect up their workflows as this will help them to create products and services starting from the first touch point with the customer all the way through to the delivery of the product and the invoice which is sent to the customer.

Clearly there are steps in between these two points and the quicker that a manufacturer can go through this process, the more growth and profit a firm can make.

Centralised data

Being able to connect data from all parts of the business is the key to success here, and is essential when connecting key workflows. Software based design and engineering tools, can be a key enabler in connecting key workflows, despite the fact that they have traditionally been regarded only as tools for creating design drawings.

UK manufacturing and engineering body EEF announced that UK manufacturing growth experienced a slowdown during the first months of 2015.

Despite this, due to software advances UK Manufacturers have more opportunity than ever to compete on a global scale following stagnant growth to date in 2015.

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