Advanced Data Analytics in Retail Whitepaper

Today, 73% of consumers state they are likely or very likely to visit a local store if the retailer provides in-store product availability information online. Alongside this, 56% of customers will fail to return if a retailer doesn’t have an omnichannel strategy in place.

Offer a connected, personalised retail experience

To help retailers keep pace with customers who want a more personalised shopping experience across devices, today’s advanced analytics solutions now offer retailers a path to create the service that customers want, where they want it, resulting in better retention, improved sales performance and competitive advantage.

With customer service requirements growing at what seems like an uncontrollable speed. Retailers have striven to diversify their offerings, by providing additional services without always considering the core abilities needed to manage the stock that is made available to a customer, for a particular service, touch point, or ordering location. 

Accelerated retail

This retail whitepaper looks at how advanced data analytics can help retailers leverage customer data to achieve a more sophisticated and connected service delivery.

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