Achieve business goals with ERP

A report by Forrester into its future, ‘Global, Industry and Technology Forces Shape the ERP Landscape’, points out that traditionally, ERP stayed true to its name and was used to plan operations in terms of process management and cost retrenchment.

However, recently vendors have been more creative. They have incorporated up-to-the-minute capabilities to drive new business models and revenue streams.  As a result, even those firms already running ERP will benefit from upgrading. By being able to achieve the success factors wish list given above they may well also see a fast ongoing return on their investment.

Flexible, tailored ERP

Vendors recognise that a ‘one size fits all’ approach is no longer adequate. But, choosing the right partner - one that understands both the technology and the business - can significantly consolidate the gains. This will enable an organisation to select an industry-standard solution such as Microsoft Dynamics AX – and then tailor the solution to fill in any gaps and meet specific industry needs. 

Of course, putting the right technology and upgrades in place is only part of the challenge. There are many business issues to consider too. For example, is the organisation preparing for growth or trying to move into multi-channel operations. Or both?

Microsoft Dynamics AX

ERP systems such as the new Microsoft Dynamics AX are robust, rich and highly valuable. But this potential won’t be realised without the individual approach. It will take a consulting and implementation partner with the right in-depth expertise in the technology, the industry and the business to understand the needs of each individual organisation and customise the software accordingly.

The reputation ERP projects have for being protracted and expensive is becoming a thing of the past. With the right methodology and support in place, these risks can be minimised and a fast return on investment made much more attainable.

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