5 ways to increase shopper engagement and sales

With technology evolving at a rapid rate, consumer expectations of the service delivered by retailers is growing. Some retailers now offer tablets in-store to help improve the customer service experience, and other retailers have launched online initiatives to make the shopping experience more convenient and efficient.

Shoppers expect to be offered multiple routes of engagement, and sometimes this leaves retailers struggling to satisfy shopper expectations.

Meeting retail expectations

However, is satisfying consumer expectations enough? Retailers need to exceed expectations and give customers compelling reasons that make them want to engage, spend more, and ultimately become loyal advocates.

Retailers need to understand who their customers are, and how to make them feel more valued and rewarded. Retailers who connect with their customers frequently and in a more emotional way that deepens their personal association, will often be rewarded by securing their commitment to spending more and sharing their experiences with friends and family.

Customer experience

Whilst winning over the customer needs to remain firmly at the centre of any retailer’s business and brand strategy, customers need to be influenced to actively open their wallets and purchase, or encourage others to do so, in order to have any impact over commercial performance.

The ultimate goal of each retailer should be to obtain their customer's consumer's loyalty, and to do this, they need to understand each stage of their individual journey and provide the tools, channels and experiences that take shoppers from one stage to the next.

The majority of shoppers want to be engaged and reminded that they are making good decisions and that the relationship they have with a retailer is at least equal, if not weighted more in their favour in terms of what they take away.

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