10 Cloud Myths Debunked

Gartner has stated that for the first time, we’ll be seeing more deployments of ERP business solutions in the cloud, than on premise.

Even the mention of Cloud can remove many of the barriers for businesses looking to deploy a dynamic ERP solution. On premise solutions are now being referred to as myths next to cloud hosted environments. HSO have looked into finding the truth of Cloud computing and have found 10 myths that may have confused business owners when deciding on a new ERP solution.

10 Top Myths:

1.      Security And Privacy Issues Are Difficult To Control

2.      Integration With Legacy Systems Won’t Work

3.      Putting My Application In The Cloud Will Affect Its Performance

4.      I Don’t Want To Be Locked In Financially

5.      The Total Cost Of The Cloud Is Actually Higher

6.      SaaS Is Not Customizable

7.      Transition And Migration Are Risky

8.      We Can’t Find What We Need In A SaaS Model

9.      Pricing Is Unclear Or Complicated

10.    IT Doesn’t Support The Move

Migrating to the cloud can be a challenging process for most businesses, but with any move; it’s vital to retain control over IT. When migrating to the cloud, the choice of which platform to choose is a hard one. Microsoft Dynamics AX is currently the most widely used solution around the world. Migrating to the cloud will enable your business to become a more flexible, responsive and scalable business with anytime, mobile access to ERP.



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