About us

Our ambition is to be the best supplier of business solutions based on Microsoft technology. Solutions that let us sustainably improve our customers’ processes and results. We use Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, Dynamics 365 and our unique, industry-specific solutions to develop the best strategy for your digital transformation and journey to the cloud.

Founded in the Netherlands in 1989, we have grown into one of the world’s leading Microsoft partners. With 1200+ employees in Europe, Asia and North America, we support local and international businesses in retail, wholesale, industry and (technical) services, so that they can use digital technology to make a difference.


2020 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award 

HSO has won the 2020 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award in the category: Modernize Finance and Operations. This makes us one of the world’s top Microsoft partners in the field of innovation and the implementation of Microsoft technology. In addition to winning this Award, HSO became a finalist in the category: Connected Field Service.

What we do


Big Data, Advanced Analytics and IoT

Applications based on Big Data, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence to provide more insight, fact-based decisions and better predictions. Essential to serve customers and to test new business models and innovate successfully.


Microsoft Azure and Dynamics 365

Together we develop the optimal strategy and roadmap for the digital transition of your organization and route to the cloud. We design, implement and manage your cloud solution 24/7 anywhere in the world.


Engagement and Service Excellence

We have an eye for your customers, because if we understand it, we can come up with innovative solutions. Customer-oriented business and surprising customers with better service has nothing to do with technology. It is a cultural change.


Sharing knowledge and collaboration

Employees and new talent expect a modern workplace in today's society. We help organizations implement new ways of working so employees can share their knowledge and are able to collaborate more efficiently.

HSO Innovation

Our knowledge of industry, technology and business transformation comes together with HSO Innovation. They design, develop, sell and maintain Dynamics Apps with customers who use Dynamics 365 or Dynamics AX, distinguishing themselves strategically to achieve better results. HSO Innovation also provides professional services for the Dynamics Apps, new Microsoft applications and technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and Mixed Reality (AR / VR).


HSO & Microsoft

We are proud of what we have accomplished. We are a Gold Certified partner since 2002 and since 2006 HSO has been a part of the Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle. This is reserved for just 1% of all Microsoft partners worldwide. We also have our own HSO Academy and an international Managed Services organization that offers 24/7 support.


24/7 Worldwide Support

HSO Global Managed Services provides worldwide support and maintenance services focused on proactively supporting business applications for companies that operate internationally. This means that your organization has 24/7, global support from HSO employees.


Transform your business with intelligent manufacturing software 

To compete in today’s fast paced environment, manufacturers need intelligent manufacturing software that streamline processes, automate the supply chain, provide greater visibility into operations and deliver actionable insights to empower you to work faster and smarter. That’s where HSO and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for manufacturers come in.


Deliver exceptional customer experiences with intelligent retail software from Microsoft.

Meeting the needs of the modern consumer requires retail management systems that are seamless, cost effective, fast, flexible and 100% customer orientated.

Manage and control your enterprise retail business with robust and proven Microsoft technology from global leader and Microsoft Gold Partner, HSO – The Results Company.

HSO’s smart & connected, secure, and flexible retail software applications are trusted by many well-known names in the industry and work seamlessly across organizations to power omnichannel businesses and exceed customer expectations, enabling them to respond quickly to change, grow and control their business with Microsoft Dynamics 365.


Become a front runner in the services industry.

It is vital for project and service organizations to keep tight control over their costs. To achieve this, they need real time insight into the progress of a project, it’s budget consumption and the resources it uses.

Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365, HSO integrates all relevant processes within the organization, including finance, project control, purchasing, human resources and customer relationship management as well as billable hours and budget administration. All information is immediately available enabling you to carry out the detailed analysis and adjustments that ensure business agility.