In the manufacturing world today, everything is more complex: your products, your supply chain, and your customers’ requirements. As the manufacturing sector stands on the cusp of its greatest transformation, it’s critical that your technology platform is integrated, intelligent, scalable and secure.

With HSO’s digital manufacturing tools, such as Maintenance Management combined with Microsoft’s cloud storage, data analytics and IoT sensors, HSO is making it more possible than ever to create “smart factories” where devices, assets, and resources all over the world can sync together to make your manufacturing company more productive. Strengthen your manufacturing business by connecting systems and data to anticipate change and minimize disruptions.

HSO is the right partner to enable you to:

Create more resilient supply chains and increase visibility from your factory floor to your customers’ door

  • React quickly to quality issues, changing specifications, and obsolete parts to ensure compliance and mitigate delays
  • Predict demand and plan supply and production in near-real time

Engage Customers in new ways and unlock innovation to deliver new services

  • Connect customer demand requirements directly to manufacturing, suppliers, and distribution
  • Streamline collaboration with customers and suppliers leveraging the IoT, AR and machine learning tools

Build more agile factories and production with seamless integration between your people, processes and technology

  • Improve delivery with advanced analytics to optimize and automate inventory, warehousing, fulfillment, material sourcing, and supply chain
  • Reduce equipment downtime, improve overall equipment effectiveness and maximize longevity by performing proactive maintenance

Unlock innovation and deliver new services

  • Leverage predictive technologies, IoT, and mixed reality to improve throughput, quality, and delivery to transform your business models
  • Shorten development cycles to innovate faster by integrating product development with manufacturing, accounting, purchasing and suppliers


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HSO delivers results

Our history is deeply rooted in the manufacturing industry and we understand the challenges and concerns you face. We specialize in the optimization of highly complex, multi-national manufacturing environments, accelerating digital transformation by leveraging the power of Microsoft and our own industry IP and accelerators. With our global reach and delivery capabilities we are able to deliver the same methodology, consistently, anywhere in the world.

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