Joiners, Leavers, & Movers (JLM) Framework

How to manage the joiners, leavers, and movers (JLM) process with Microsoft Power Platform

When new starters join an organisation, they should be ready to get to work. Access to systems, software, and offices sorted. If someone moves to another department, office, or location, the switch between systems is, ideally, seamless. And when staff leave, the process of switching off access automatically done. The challenge though is that this isn’t always the case. Disconnected systems, manual processes, and poor communication hinder each part of the joiners, leavers, and movers (JLM) process. And give rise to inefficiencies, security risk, and general dissatisfaction. But there is a solution.

A problem like JLM | A solution like Power Platform

The joiners, leavers, and movers (JLM) process is a time-consuming and complex process for any organisation. However, with Microsoft’s Power Platform, this process can be simplified and made more efficient.

Power Platform is a suite of business applications that allows users to create customised workflows and automated processes, linked by a common data model. Perfect for supporting the JLM process. You get:

And improve efficiency

The JLM process can be time-consuming and often involves many departments and stakeholders. With Power Platform, organisations can automate tasks such as creating new user accounts, updating employee records, and assigning access permissions. This automation can save time and reduce the risk of errors, resulting in a more efficient process.

Use low-code development tools to create fit-for-purpose applications

Power Platform is a low-code development platform, meaning that users do not need extensive programming knowledge to create workflows and automate processes. This can be a significant benefit for organisations that do not have dedicated IT resources or who have IT resources that are already stretched thin. With Power Platform, non-technical users can create customised workflows and automate processes, resulting in a more efficient JLM process.

Joiners, leavers, and movers

HSOs approach to JLM

The JLM process can be a time-consuming and complex process for any organisation. However, with the use of Power Platform, you can automate tasks, create customised workflows, and analyse data to improve this process.

HSO adopts a Platform first approach to ensure all data, applications, and processes link together seamlessly, and can then be built upon a common data model.

The HSO approach ensures solutions to common challenges can be solved now, whilst providing the flexibility and scalable infrastructure to grow as requirements evolve.


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