The world is changing….

Your organisation contains a wealth of customer information, but what do you do with all this information and how do you achieve smart insights?

Are your customers the same as they were a few years ago?
Is your CRM system already talking to other systems?
Perhaps you regularly wonder whether the current set-up of your CRM system is still in line with reality or your business objectives. For example, can you already use a mobile app to display a list of your leads, or can you compile reports yourself quickly and easily?

Each new version brings with it a multitude of new functionality and features, making a CRM upgrade worth considering in the context of realising your growth ambitions.

Benefit from standardised business applications

Technical limitations, functional requirements or management costs can also be a trigger to switch to a new version.

More and more organisations are making a conscious choice to minimise the amount of customisation and to take advantage of standard software, supplemented as appropriate with Certified for Microsoft Dynamics add-ons.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a standard solution consisting of intelligent business applications, offering both an on-premise and cloud-based total solution that allows you to purchase in a modular manner, on a sub-process and/or role basis, at the moment you need it.

What are the benefits of a CRM?

Together with you, we map out the current CRM landscape, identify bottlenecks in the current set-up and identify the wishes of the organisation.

HSO will advise you on the type of migration process that will suit your organisation: a process-driven business migration or a technical migration.  You can also opt for one of our Discovery workshops in which we look at what business benefits can be gained by migrating to a new version.

From proactive support to continuous innovation

It is very important that the maintenance and optimisation of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 application is well-managed. HSO offers a wide range of application management services for this, ranging from tracking patches to fully outsourcing the management of Microsoft Dynamics 365 software.

Our team of specialists ensures that you can continue to work with your business-critical systems without any worries, allowing you to focus on your core activities and keep your business running to it’s optimum performance level in this rapidly changing world.

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