Expert Uses Dynamics AX to Tighten Stock Controls

Expert, a well-known electrical goods retailing brand in Europe, needed to maintain tighter stock control of its retail outlets and integrate its web shopping into operat

Expert shop interior

ions. HSO was called in to modernise its retail system.

Dutch electrical giant Expert had been working with a primitive ERP system. This previous solution did not provide enough stock and availability information, and could not be integrated into Expert’s online store.

Expert chose HSO to deliver Dynamics AX to help modernize their ERP systems. Thanks to Dynamics AX, Expert had clarity over their stock levels, which was adapted to their online shop. With this understanding of stock control, product availability described on the Expert website was accurate, creating an improved experience for customers.

Expert is one of Europe’s largest electrical retailers. Expert has an international presence in 22 countries worldwide and have 7,400 stores. Expert’s members are independent retailers.

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