Your customers are your reason for being

Without customers, there would be no company, right? That’s why you cannot afford it not to deliver proactive customer service. It’s not a luxury anymore, instead, it’s a necessity for your business in order to stay relevant and build lasting customer relationships.

When we had markets with less competition, no public reviews and no 24/7 access to information, companies could afford it to make customers wait for a response on their question, complaint or service call and to react on their own terms. Nowadays, proactive customer service is the best and maybe even the only way to exceed expectations and create customer loyalty.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

4 conditions for proactive customer service


1. Have your customer and end-user data available

Proactive customer service is only possible when you have access to your customer data and the right analytics and reporting in place. Plus, make sure you make it easy for your teams by implementing the right, user-friendly systems


2. Have a standardized process to issues

Make sure the problem should route directly to the part of the company that is responsible for the issue. For example, a billing issue should go to finance directly. The process must ensure accountability and a timely response.


3. Be willing to put in time and effort

Implementing the right processes and challenging your sales and service teams towards a new way of working needs time. However, this kind of service will eventually save your people the time of extra calls, emails and chats.


4. Start small

Start by looking for the small opportunities to make a difference with you customers. Think of providing timely reminders for maintenance, or advice and tips for the use of your products.

Proactive service and maintenance

Proactive customer service not only makes your customers happy; it also makes your products happy. Proactive service and maintenance improve the condition and lifecycle of your products. Especially when your service and support employees and engineers have to travel larger distances, you want to prevent calamities and down-time as much as possible, as they are expensive for you and your customer.

By assessing and analyzing product and customer or end-user data, using IoT and AI, you will be able to optimize and streamline your service management and maintenance processes. With better resource planning, scheduling and logistics as a result, saving money and time and increasing customer satisfaction.

Customers using Dynamics 365 successfully

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