Bringing all your data together to predict the future  

What if you could bring financial and operational data, customer related data and external information together and create relevant insights to help you make better decisions, everyday? And what if you could make this even better by creating predictions about the future, based on these historical data?

That would help even better to manage your company, reduce incidents and risks and save costs too.  Predictive insights technology uses data, algorithms and machine learning techniques to identify the possibility of future outcomes based on historical data from your company and from external sources.

What is Dynamics 365 Field Service?

4 advantages of Predictive Insights


Improve logistics & operations

Predictive models help to better forecast inventory and manage your resources. Predictive insights enable organizations to function more efficiently.


Reducing risk

Predictive insight models can help generate credit scores of your (potential) customers; it also helps to identify risks in project management.


Optimize sales & marketing

Customer insight helps you to attract, retain and grow you most profitable customers. Sales insight can predict for example the outcome of complex tender processes, so you know in which tenders to invest your time.


Resolve incidents before they arise

Based on historical user data and for example weather conditions, predictive insights make it possible to detect a potential incident before it arises. You can prevent downtime of your own operations of those of your customers.

Predictive insights can help companies

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for some time, but the increasing availability of data and modern AI-driven applications, such as the Microsoft business platform, make the use of AI for predictive insights accessible for more and more companies.

Predictive insights can help companies to solve complex problems and create new business potential, based on data that is already available within your company. Think of scenario testing for new business models, but also faster decision making and better risk management.

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