Veenendaal, Waverveen, May 6th, 2021 – In 2020, Noventum, Microsoft and HSO jointly published the study ‘Drivers for Growth in Service’. Based on this collaboration and shared vision, Noventum and HSO decided to join forces and develop a proposition to speed up service transformations, reduce costs and implement service industry standards and best practices for manufacturing companies.

Noventum helps manufacturing companies develop new service value propositions and manage the transformation to those new business models. Aside from best practices and industry standards, other key components include IT requirements, architecture, and blueprints.

The Microsoft platform supports connected field service and is therefore an excellent foundation for an IT landscape that supports new service models. HSO has the knowledge and expertise in the implementation of Microsoft software and applications according to the latest standards.

Noventum and HSO together offer an integrated service business transformation and IT implementation solution, based on proven Microsoft technology. Industry standards and proven best practices enable them to reduce the transformation time from an average of three to one year, significantly reduce risks, and lower transformation associated costs.

Hilbrand Rustema, Managing Director at Noventum: “If field service companies have their standard basic processes in order and as many processes as possible are automated, a world of opportunities opens up for new service propositions in which data plays a key role. This is how we help manufacturing and service companies to generate profitable and sustainable sales with new services.”

Hans Broer, business development at HSO: “Noventum’s best practice models are easy to understand and used by both business and IT teams. For the implementation of the software and applications we have the right experience to minimize time and risks and to maximize results.”

To kick off this partnership, HSO and Noventum organizes a joint webinar on June 23rd: “Servitization: Your roadmap to new service models”. To read more and to sign up click here.