Modern workplace supports employee engagement and productivity, efficient collaboration and improved job satisfaction.

The way we work is changing. Driven by advances in technology and connectivity, existing models and ways of working are quickly evolving. So how can you best support your employees today? How can you help them become more productive and collaborate more efficiently, from any location and at any time whilst simultaneously increasing job satisfaction?

If you want to be able to quickly respond to changes in the marketplace, you need a flexible and agile organisation, so  providing a modern, digital workplace that enables your employees to work anywhere, at anytime and on any device, is essential. The modern workplace is all about employee engagement, helping people save time and unleash their latent productivity. There are three key capabilities a modern workplace provides:

1) Effective Collaboration

Most businesses put partnerships square and centre for the successful execution of their business plan. This means effective collaboration, both internally (within and between departments) and externally with customers and partners. However most users and organisations are less than satisfied with their current ways of collaborating. Learn how the successful adoption of Microsoft Teams can help you introduce effective collaboration into your organisation:

2) Mobility

Mythbuster! – Mobility is about more than just accessing your email on your phone. True mobility means being able to do your work where and when you need to, whether that’s when your with your customer or partner, at home, a different office or while en-route.

This means accessing your data, applications, attending meetings and sharing information plus being able to do all the other stuff that needs to be done when travelling. Learn how to successfully introduce mobility into your organisation.

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3) Security

Managing security issues can be complex and the traditional approach to security taken by IT is usually just to lock everything down. There are two problems with this approach. First, overly tight security means that no-one can do their job effectively.

Secondly, it encourages your employees to discover workarounds which creates even greater security risks. What you should do is take an enabling, intelligent approach to security –see how you can enable modern, safe ways of working that doesn’t expose the business assets to risk.

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