Create helpful, relevant experiences for employees with mixed reality

Mixed Reality (MR) blends the physical and the digital world. It shows the real world with virtual objects, like holograms, objects made of light and sound, projected into it. This way you see these virtual objects as if they are part of reality. You can experience MR on a variety of devices, such as head-mounted displays, PC’s and mobile devices.  

HSO brings Mixed Reality to life for our customers and we make it relevant for your business. We see MR as an important tool to improve the productivity of your employees, in trainings and customer service. Mixed reality brings work and data to life when your need it and where you need it. MR applications and devices, such as the HoloLens 2 help people communicate, learn and collaborate more effectively.  

Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality?


Augmented reality

Augmented Reality is the layering of digital content onto physical reality, enabling users to see both at the same time through a smart display such as glasses, a headset, or a mobile device.


Virtual reality

Virtual Reality offers a fully immersive, occluded experience in which users interact with digital objects and environments instead of with the physical world.


Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality is the spectrum that represents the blending of the physical and digital worlds, spanning from augmented reality at one end to virtual reality at the other. Like augmented reality, it can be experienced on a variety of devices, including head-mounted displays, PCs, and mobile devices.

Supports the new world of work

Good to know: Microsoft Azure mixed reality services ensure safe access to your data and a growing number of proven applications in your industryIt supports the new world of work where employees work across physical and digital limitations and interact with digital information in new ways. We see applications of mixed reality already emerging in predictive, guided and remote maintenance, object recognition, training and education, healthcare, engineering, construction, retail and manufacturing.