Shoppers now have more control of their everyday shopping experience. Modern customers demand engaging and integrated shopping experiences across channels, from physical stores to online digital experiences across all devices. This leaves retailers to adapt their strategies and methods to changing business needs.

By deploying Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce, you can improve your customer’s offline and online shopping experience. Dynamics 365 Commerce gets you the right tools to help you seamlessly manage content, assets, promotions, inventory and pricing across channels, improving your customer’s experience, no matter where they are buying. Build and manage your system for digital commerce and instill loyalty and exceed customer expectations.

Create frictionless a digital e-commerce experience for your customers and your business. Connect your back-office with your customer-facing processes. Integrate your e-commerce system with your CRM and marketing platform while allowing your customers to make the choices they want including payment methods or product delivery. With the power of the cloud, you can take advantage of the intelligence and scalability of Azure.

Experience the full power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce. Learn how you can implement Dynamics 365 Commerce across your company, no matter where your business operates. Ask us how to transition from Microsoft Dynamics Retail to Dynamics Commerce.

What can Dynamics 365 Commerce bring you?

With the ability to leverage cloud intelligence to process and anticipate digital sales, the finance department can save money by creating more accurate budgets and managing your company’s costs. Learn how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce can help connect your customer-facing processes with your back-office financials to enable your entire organization.

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Dynamics 365 Commerce merges the strengths of retail and supply chain management to enable efficiencies in your company’s operations. Optimize operations by using cloud intelligence. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce is built on the Azure cloud, which helps you plan to manage the present and plan for the future. Utilize inventory management and advanced merchandizing while adequately meeting and anticipating sales.

Exceed customer expectations and bolster loyalty by enabling flexible and intelligent omnichannel experiences. Build loyalty by delivering a scalable, reliable and secure solution. Also, Dynamics 365 Commerce empowers your employees to foment long-term relationships through personalized recommendations, loyalty programs and insights. Learn how to facilitate a flexible and intelligent omni-channel experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce.

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