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Microsoft’s answer to the demands of a modern professional on his workplace is Microsoft Teams. It is a platform that brings together chats and (online) meetings, content, people and your everyday applications. In one user-friendly and clear portal you have access to your work, colleagues and partners, inside and outside your organization.

Microsoft Teams is part of the Office 365 platform which means you get enterprise level security, compliancy and management capabilities out the box. Discover, for example, whether GDPR-sensitive data is present within chat, files or channels.


Microsoft Teams in 2 minutes

Microsoft Teams enables you and your organization to communicate faster and better, whether it's video conferencing, collaborating in files, or keeping track of project schedules.

IT Manager

Jamal is IT manager at Contoso Technologies and ensures that IT projects meet stakeholder needs and are delivered on time and within budget.


Store manager

Meet Alex, store manager at Contoso Shopping. He uses Microsoft Teams to help recruit and train staff, improve collaboration with suppliers and develop marketing campaigns.


Sales Manager

April is a sales rep at Contoso Foods and is responsible for growing the customer base of the mid region and closing deals to grow sales and retain highly satisfied customers.


Customers using Dynamics 365 successfully

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