In our modern world, Ransomware Attacks have increased in number, intensity and severity.  For good reason, good security is paramount to Microsoft partners and customers. With Microsoft Azure, CxO’s can rest easy in the confidencethe Azure cloud is safe for all clients. Microsoft invests billions each year protecting Microsoft users and customers from attacks in the Azure cloud.

Microsoft Security – Protect your organization from all sides

Business leaders who do not prioritize enterprise level security are vulnerable to cyberattacks, such as malware, Ransomware, phishing and password attacks. Security violations by external forces and internal employees hit companies with high financial costs whilst IT teams and Business leaders must scramble to fix, patch and recover from the assault to their technological infrastructure. To protect the financial and operational health of your organization, Microsoft has approached digital transformation with keeping your organization secure first and foremost.


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Meeting the needs of the modern consumer requires business solutions and services that are seamless, cost effective, fast, flexible and 100% customer orientated, and this is where HSO and Microsoft Dynamics 365 excel.

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A holistic & intelligent solution

Microsoft security ensures a holistic, intelligent solution across your entire environment. Its seamless interface creates a frictionless experience for all your users. The AI and automation aspects of Microsoft security shields you from 97% of endpoint attacks, according to a Forrester report.

With identity and access management, Microsoft security for businesses enables strong authentication, enforce intelligent access policies and monitors and audits access. Security for Microsoft solutions protects your infrastructure and doesn’t get in the way of employee productivity.

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