Do you have a 360⁰ insight in your customer data?

In order to connect with customers and to win their trust and their loyalty in an international, multichannel environment, you need a 360⁰ insight in your customer data. Whether you operate in a B2B or a B2C market, your customers expect a seamless and uniform experience, offline and online, on any device and from any location.

At the same time, you want to involve local demographics and market trends. Unlocking your customers’ data and make them available and comprehensible for your employees is the way to success. Customer insights are essential for your sales and marketing teams, support engineers, sales desk and in-store employees.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

The 4 advantages of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights


No longer separate data silos

All customer data are combined in one database and transformed to the Common Data Model, so you no longer have separate data silos.


Build business apps fast & easy

By combining Customer Insights with PowerApps, you can build business applications relatively easily, for example to automate common customer processes.


Get insights via dashboards

Easy creation of dashboards and reports.


Targeted actions

Easy segmentation of customer groups, so you can carry out targeted actions on groups of relations with specific agreements.

Information available about your customer

Smart data insights are also crucial for management to be able to take the right decisions. To compete and stand out as a company in the market, you need to be relevant and build meaningful relationships with (potential) customers.

Personalization and customer intimacy are keywords in this working field, which you only achieve when you have a complete picture of all the information you have available about your customer. From order history, contact with customer service, to online click behaviour and social media.

Customers using Microsoft Dynamics successfully

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