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As a Service Manager you probably experience increasingly high expectations of customers. Think of faster service, self-service tooling, online and offline 24/7 availability and insight into customer data. At the same time, management is probably focusing on more efficient processes, lower costs and higher margins. In short: you have to do more and more with fewer resources.

Connected Field Service is the answer if you aim to improve service operations, equip your field service team and delight your customers. But how do you ensure fast, accurate invoicing, service technicians who are always well-prepared, and access to the right people, anytime and anywhere?

What is Dynamics 365 Field Service?

4 benefits of Connected Field Service


1. Optimised scheduling for field technicians

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service gives you access to Resource Scheduling Optimisation, which automatically creates an optimised schedule for Field Service engineers depending on location, time, SLA and the required skill set for the job and at the same time ensuring no time is lost between jobs.


2. Empower & mobilise field service engineers

A complete overview of the customer’s situation, as well as real-time guidance, optimised schedules and routes, case history & instructions and work order completion, including payment empower your employees.


3. Machine Learning and IoT in Field Service

Field Service allows you to make the best use of the opportunities offered by devices connected to the Internet of Things. Problems are predicted before downtime occurs and before the customer is bothered by it.


4. Customer relations optimization

Using ‘Customer Communications’, Field Service helps you retain customers by providing optimal service, that gives insight and gets the customer engaged in the processes, across all touchpoints, You will be able to rely on a personalised, proactive, predictive approach to the customer.

Proactive maintenance approach

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service integrates all ERP and CRM data and processes, bringing together sales, customer service, finance, operations, marketing, field service and project service automation. Connecting your assets to the internet of Things is the next step toward Connected Field Service, helping identify faults or triggers for service automatically, ahead of failure.

This allows for a shift away from the traditional break-fix approach to a more cost-efficient, proactive maintenance approach. We look forward to helping you realize the future proof service your customers are expecting.

Customers using Dynamics 365 successfully

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