Connect backend and front-end with smart data technology

Retail as well as distribution companies have one main objective: improving the customer experience. Connecting international logistics and worldwide operations, with customer related processes and data, such as orientation, purchase, delivery and service are crucial for success. Connected commerce is about getting from data to insights.

It helps companies to take real-time decisions and improve their results continuously. How do you make your brand, products and services relevant for your customers? How can you use technology to transform your processes, in order to give your customers full control and the best experience?

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

4x better results with connected commerce


Make your business digital

Use technology to streamline online and offline channels and enable quick innovation continuously through smart multichannel marketing platforms.


Increase customer loyalty and exceed expectations

Get a complete view of your customer profile, history and preferences in order to enable personalized offerings and loyalty programs.


Create a flexible and intelligent omnichannel approach

Enable your customers to buy when, where, and how they choose, on any device and using their preferred payment method. Who says B2B is any different from B2C?


Improve customer experience with cloud intelligence

Cloud intelligence makes it possible to innovate with advanced merchandizing, stock management, pricing and promotions, tailor made per country, region, store location and customer.

Do you have a clear view of the touchpoint

Your (potential) customers have much more touchpoints with your company than before, offline and online. In the orientation phase, during the purchase process and afterwards. Do you have a clear view of these touchpoints and are you able to connect the data involved?

Technology enables companies to align, optimize and integrate their complete supply chain and purchase path, connect the data from your customers’ touchpoints and ensure a seamless customer journey. That’s what we call Connected Commerce.

Customers using Connected Commerce successfully

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